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With a deep subcutaneous-muscular variant of Chloroquine, it is difficult to open the mouth, a persistent contracture (limitation of movements) of the lower jaw develops - a spasm of the masticatory muscle of II-III degree. With a late visit to the doctor after a fracture of the bones of the facial skeleton - especially in people with impaired oral hygiene, abusing alcohol - the inflammatory process is more acute and pronounced. Secondary post-traumatic actinomycosis develops. It differs from the usual fracture in the board-like density of the infiltrate, the presence of fistulas and the persistent, difficult to treat course of the disease.

Depending on the place of introduction of the pathogen, various tissues are involved in the process, which can affect the bronchi, pleura, axillary lymph nodes, soft tissues of the chest and axillary zones, ribs, sternum and other areas.

Buy Chloroquine thoracic actinomycosis affects the lungs, chest wall and mammary glands. Sometimes it goes beyond the borders and spreads to the neck, axillary, maxillofacial and abdominal regions.

Causes: chest injury, surgical interventions, gunshot wounds, COPD, abscesses and pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic purulent hidradenitis, reduced immunity, joint ventureID and other pathologies. Symptoms. There are several variants of the course of thoracic actinomycosis - according to the type of bronchitis, tracheitis, pleuropneumonia, lung abscess, encysted pleurisy, osteomyelitis of the ribs.

Thoracic actinomycosis of the type of bronchitis usually occurs against the background of chronic bronchitis or develops after chemical and traumatic lesions of the bronchi. Its symptoms include: cough with sputum (sometimes with blood); heat; stitching pains in the chest. Thoracic actinomycosis of the type of tracheitis is manifested by difficulty in breathing, the occurrence of shortness of breath, narrowing of the lumen of the trachea and its deformation. The inflammatory process can go to the soft tissues of the neck.

Thoracic actinomycosis can occur against the background of a long course of chronic purulent hydradenitis of the axillary regions when actinomycetes are attached. In this case, soft stringy infiltrates turn into dense ones, rough "roll-like folds" appear, the skin color changes, the mouths of the fistulous passages granulate. With minimal pain, the process slowly progresses and can spread to the chest.